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Baby, did you take it? Children's photography market fever

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Full moon, one hundred sunshine, Zhou Suizhao...... As usual, young parents in order to the baby's growth record to stay, the numerous at the expense of the baby to take pictures. Art as a film, children can watch videos of stars. When the baby's photo was selected as a photo shop, the young parents feel that money is spent.
City, a city in children's photography work of Ms. yuan told reporters, Meishan, the last two years of "professional children's photography shop" have sprung up quickly emerged. Dongpo Jincheng, small Hongkong pedestrian street...... Looking ahead, everywhere is a photo shop for children, and each store has its own characteristics. Reporters in the interview to understand, although Meishan's professional children's photography shop in a rapid increase, but most of the photo shop is still a high fever.
Present situation
Professional shooting business need to book early
In the interview found that although the national day long baccarat past, but businesses are still under the banner of "celebrate the National Day" slogan, to the national day of the price to attract customers. In a small Hongkong walking street, a children's photography shop, a "celebration of the National Day special offers", marked with eye-catching price: "special 699 yuan (1399 yuan)", "special 999 yuan (1999 yuan)". Into the store, the staff Zhang Jingwen smile with a way: "we have been here for two years, and now the business is very good, sometimes the basic busy. So, the need to take pictures of the baby are in demand for parents to book."
On one side of the photo shop, the reporter saw 8 large red bags with photos. According to Zhang Jingwen introduction, these are just the disposal of good photos, waiting for customers to receive.
"When can we have a costume? It's been a long time, how can we not turn to us?" Every now and then, a young mother in the shop and asked the staff.
Zhang Wenjing said: "the choice of parents in our shop to take pictures of children, most parents will choose the price of 1000 yuan. Choose the price beyond one thousand of parents to be relatively less."
The same name "to celebrate the National Day discount" brand and the number of Jincheng Dongpo photography shop. In Dongpo Jincheng a photography shop, Ms. Yang told reporters, although their propaganda signs written is "to celebrate the National Day" to engage in special activities, but practice, their activities in the month of October. However, after October, the event was gone, so many parents began to compete in late October to book."
Keep the growth of children's Day is worth the money
October 27th, a child in the city photography shop, is wearing a baby makeup of the young woman to the child chose a set of 588 art. She said: "today is the child 1 years old birthday, so I have to give the child a few days ago at a fine art. My friend also gave her children to shoot, the effect is very good. I believe that these pictures are very valuable for children."
"That's pretty good! It's worth it." Is taking photos of the photo shop Wang lady took the child from the hands of the photos, said the surprise. Wang told reporters, she is the child with 100 days of last week to take the children to take pictures, then give the child to choose a 1299 yuan package. She said: "at that time, it was very expensive, but now looking at the photo shoot so well, the son took a little angel like, I do not feel expensive." During the interview, many parents said, the child's growth moment is priceless. For children, they spend more money than they want to.
Shooting props and the need for strict disinfection
Art is a gift to the baby, but the parents, Ms. Wang is in the children to take pictures of the art of the encounter a trouble. She said that when the child is full of age, she took the child to a photo shop to take pictures. Unexpectedly, for children to wear clothes in the shop, she found the clothes dirty. And the store provided the toy did not wash.
Reporters understand that, at present, the domestic is not for professional and child institutions of service standards and management standards. Therefore, consumers can not choose the standard of service. In this regard, the experts suggest that the broad public, in the choice of children's photography shop, do not look at the price, but also to see the store's clothes, toys, etc. can be a harsh disinfection. In addition, when parents take their children to photography, it is best to take some of the children's clothes and toys.

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