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Maintenance and cleaning of photographic equipment

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Most commonly renamed cleaner has blown ear ball, wool pen, lens paper, suede, special lens cleaning fluid, cotton gloves and lens cleaning cloth, if conditional best prepared with a small hand-held vacuum cleaner. Actually cozy tools and moistureproof box, lens package, but the main purpose of this paper is to clarify the use of cleaning methods and tools, so those who do not in this paper proposed. Explain the use of everything:
Blow ear ball:
Mainly used for blow off baccarat lens of dust and debris, which is the first step to clean the lens, must first with blowing the ear with the ball will dust blow off after lens paper and then rub, otherwise will scratch the lens, this thing in the medical supplies store sell, and very cheap and easy to use, the managed to photographic equipment inside the shop to buy, and expensive and not applicable.
Remember, do not blow with the mouth, or watching my beloved lens will not automatically flow saliva, if the lens is not good, ha ha ha ha.
Wool pen:
Used to deal with the lens or LCD appearance of those more stubborn dust, due to wool is very soft, so to clean the lens is more appropriate, but do not think that it is very soft and can be burned, but to look at my eyes as quietly as the. This kind of thing only in photography shop only, choose must find that there is no miscellaneous wool, very soft and in the use process is absolutely not enough hands to contact wool pen, or hand sweat will stick to a lens, very difficult to clean.
Lens paper
This is used to scrub the lens main weapons. The correct use method is, the first lens paper quietly rolled up into a rod, and then forced to pull off a, then it will see section of the paper fiber can form like a brush, so it can used to clean the lens, but rub in the previous best dip a little lens cleaner to scrub.
Due to the use of the lens paper may be a bit off a bit of paper fiber, do not worry, and so on the lens cleaning fluid after complete evaporation with wool brush to brush off the good.
Is to pay attention to the lens with two points, one is the movement should be gentle, and to the center of the lens from the lens to rub the outer ring, and then wipe the outer ring, wipe it over and then check, if there is no need to clean and then change a piece of paper, or paper dust will be contaminated lens. Two is to pay attention to the lens cleaning fluid do not touch too much, will be wet paper is good, otherwise too much of the lens fluid will flow along the lens into the lens inside the gap.
This thing can only be bought in the photographic equipment store ability, and don't give up that you should not make money, have to buy, inferior lens paper fiber is too hard, and may with many impurities, will damage the lens.

This is a good thing, not out of the fiber, and very soft, the use of the time to be able to quietly folded up with cleaning liquid scrub lens, the operation method and the use of the same lens paper, but this is more expensive, but really good use.
This thing is sold in photographic equipment store, choose to impurities, texture is very soft that is not selected, the good quality suede should is a very natural yellow leather, if color doesn't seem to be a natural mostly for beautiful and staining, is best not to use or lens cleaning liquid solvent will dye is dissolved out, so in front of your lens is unconsciously added a color filter, ha ha ha ha.
Lens cleaning fluid:
In fact, the main component of lens cleaning fluid is solvent, a major role is dissolved lens of organic matter, such as stains, fingerprints or saliva, such as if there is no true in fact, can also use chemical experiment of anhydrous ethanol, remember, if want to use ethanol must buy genuine and that purity is more than 99% of the analysis of pure, otherwise it will damage the lens.
There is the use of this thing is limited to the lens or LCD screen, do not use it to the body to take a shower, otherwise you may damage the coating body surface. There is not to use more, a little bit better, otherwise it will flow into the lens, the impact of the mechanical properties of the lens.
Rub mirror:
This is a special weaving process of pure cotton fabric, texture is very soft, and will not fall down, it is used to clean the body, lens sleeve or LCD appearance is the most appropriate, but it is best not to use it to clean the lens, or may be a scratch.
This thing in the photographic equipment store to sell, in some shopping malls or supermarkets can also buy, just do not call the mirror cloth, what I do not know in detail, it is able to wipe the TV screen can be used to.
Handheld vacuum cleaner:
If your city comparable to dry, then in the use of blowing ear ball and wool pen best will be the whole operation process into the cleaner next to the mouth, so it can liquidation down the dust directly sucked, so as not to drift into the air again fell on the lenses.
This thing in which can buy you do not have to say it, but in the use of time should be careful not to touch the body or the lens on the line.
Cotton gloves:
In the process it is best to wear gloves, because the whole operation process is to be patient and meticulous and hand will certainly a few out some sweat, then the role of gloves are obvious.
This thing is everywhere to sell, but the initiative we buy the kind of pure white, thin gloves to wear relatively tight, this will not affect the operation.
Finally, again in the cleaning process, the whole operation process to follow from outside to inside, the initiative behind the lens sequence and each kind of tool is the best special, never to wipe the body of suede to wipe the lens, otherwise really lose big.
In addition to the operation of the process should always remember to maintain good lens and the body, these parts in the clean and clean immediately after the use of special lens cover or body cover to cover them all, so as to avoid dust fall on the top of the.
There is the tools mentioned above, except lens paper blowing ear ball, other tools are should be cleaned on a regular basis, to ensure the use of time clean, cleaning time initiative with soap and gently rub, and then some to dry clean water Zhong Piao.
In addition, these tools use a priority. That is to say, can be used for blowing ear ball blowing clean, then do not use wool pen, by analogy, if can use wool pen swept away as much as possible, don't use lens paper. Only in this way can maximize the maintenance of the lens.
There is one final point is, look at the lens, a reflecting mirror and CCD appearance must remember, they are your eyes, be sure to look at my eyes, like the attitude and the strength to look at them, photographic equipment are emotional, you it is good, it will also play a key role in Chen made the greatest to to repay you, good to treat my equipment, bless our equipment can be lasting the follow me through a happy and fulfilling every day!

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