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The whole crystal album production process of a few points

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Crystal film also called crystal chips, our crystal film is imported pure crystal chips, so don't chip is equivalent to the cold laminating film, because the material is different, the effect of the finished product is cold laminating film can not match, the wafer for glossy photo paper, effect of a finished product is crystal clear, smooth surface smooth bright, such as mirror effect, non comparable general cold laminating film. Used for surface photo album pages or photos of the giant crystal.
Note: imported chips have three specifications: 0. 2mm and 0.3mm, 0. 4mm, 50 square meters per volume, 0. 4mm chip is not recommended cross page photo albums, suitable for huge photos, prints through the membrane, 0.2mm, 0.3mm chip to do the album page.
The next day: equipment professional crystal inside machine.
Note: other commercially available thermal hydraulic baccarat laminating machines, hot laminating laminating machine, plastic sealing machine are not professional crystal screen equipment, made out of crystal inside pages will have bubbles, not suitable for high-grade crystal photo album.
The process of crystal inner page machining:
One, crystal film two protective film, the dumb mask is the front, the bright side is the plastic surface;
Two, when using, removing the surface protective film with crystal light machine mounted in the photo on the inside page;
Three, the volume, removing the protective film surface can be dumb.
To do no global seamless whole crystal album, please use the following day equipment professional crystal inside machine!
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