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How to identify the page PVC self-adhesive material quality

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There have been many factors affect the quality of the inside pages PVC self-adhesive materials, I in this simple introduce, for customers to purchase reference:
A material: the same as PVC, the same thickness, why the price is not the same? Because the PVC has new material, the new material, the recycled material A, the recycled material B, the recycled material C five grades. The same thickness, density is not the same, the price is not the same. Moreover is the use of PP, can also be done inside pages, but in the same level with the PVC soft point, the price is also a difference.
Two glue: there is an oil and water gel, and more expensive than the water. Oily glue and a hundred home Lok Tong, high viscosity, high viscosity and so on, the higher the viscosity, the higher the price, the quality is the best consistency and viscosity. The solvent used to do glue is also different, with the use of toluene and the like (not environmentally friendly), with other solvent prices may be higher.
Isolation paper and isolation membrane: because it only the products protective effect, quality of products did not affect, of course cheaper cost is lower, the better, just some small workshop with Han book the glue coater, there will be the following problems:
1 glue is not all.
2 because it is not glue, drying, laminating a completed in wait for glue natural drying will inevitably fall on some of the dust.
3 in order to reduce the cost of using recycled material for sure there are some small knots. Of course, in order to cover up the above problems, paper will be good point, but also to do post the buried hidden trouble (a good photo album to open a small bag, certainly to rework), is not to say that with the yellow paper is certainly a problem, but it is certain that the small workshop will not use the separation membrane. Understand the factory production process and product quality is very important.
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